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Hola, bienvenidos!! Welcome to our Shop, we hope you have a spicy good time while you are in here visiting us! All of our ‘salsitas’ are primarily Jalapeno based and invite a spicy yet savory flavor to any meal!  Take your pick,  Salsita Emma is an AWARD WINNING SALSA at the Texas Salsa Festival, Cremosa and Tomatillo are our 2 verdes and Especial is pure sweet gold!!!!!

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At Tio Pelon’s Salsita, we know how much people LOOOOVE hot sauce!! We have focused on creating the perfect blend of Jalapeño Peppers, Herbs and Spices that will leave your mouth watering and asking for more! With the perfect amount of heat, these sauces go great on everything! Our customers add Tio Pelon’s Salsita’s on burgers, pizza, bacon, taquitos, ramen – YOU NAME IT! Because Tio Pelon’s Salsita – JUST MAKES THINGS BETTER!!

Tio Pelon's Tomatillo Salsa

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Tio Pelon products can be found in select stores in and around south Texas, and if we haven’t yet made it to a store in your area, feel free to order online! Click below to find a store near you:

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